Saturday, February 02, 2008

Things to do at Wordpress.

• Start a blog called “Unquiet Mind” to see how Wordpress works.

• Place there a slideshow with the pictures of Wordpress I took when I registered and find out how to add my voice to give directions in Spanish. Or I could use it at WiZiQ and speak to them directly. Huuuu, scary...

• Place my findigs, thoughts, difficulties, questions, etc from the point of view of a Webhead.

• Start a second blog called “My Beloved Country”, this time in a Spanish template to take pictures of the screen in Spanish to convert them to a visual tutorial.

• Make a PPP presentation with pictures of art and crafts. Place the name of the craft in question before reducing the pictures.

• Place a voice chat, get a Vaestro account, take screen shots.

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