Sunday, February 11, 2007


Week 4 findings.

At the end of week 4, I find myself confused... no surprise!
I have a clear picture of Alado and Elluminate environments.
I sort of know what DiscoverE does.

I have a Springdoo account and thought I had embedded two communicators on this blog, Hala has tried to post comments with no success; when signing in I could not put my phone number, I was asked to type it in a specific format and I could not discover which format they want. I must have embedded it wrong. I need to find out how to make it work.
Anyhow, using Springdoo I could send voice messages to Moira and discover that even when I do not have a video device I can send video messages, the screen shows my picture. :-)

I also have an account at Evoca, but I have not been able to make a recording. I wanted to send a message to Moira and found out I need to be accepted first as member of her baw07 group. I also discovered that in order to sent voice messages with Evoca I have to know the ID of the recipient, the email address is not enough.

I registered also at MyChingo, it requires the installation of Adobe Flash Player. Being registered enabled me to leave a message at the Baw07 voice forum. :-)

I did not got around to explore Gabmail and Handybits.
Somehow, I understood that to view the clock links sent to the group I have to register at YouTube. For a few minutes I was with Moira, Chrissan and Sundar at Dimdim; it was encouraging to experience that to explore new tools and learn how to be a moderator in every environment is the way to go and follow.
Without a sound card my recordings have a background sound that could be annoying, that fact has stopped me a bit. I do not know how will I get it.
I will have to leave the explorations this environments for later, otherwise I will not catch up with week 5.