Tuesday, February 06, 2007

week 3 findings

Let's see, there are many things going on at the same time, so...

I need to reorganize my frame of mind.
That sounds like an objective, therefore I would like to have an objective "place" (tag, or entrance or checklist or whatever it is called on e-learning) inside this page. Another objective that pups up is learn the proper name for "place".

I have two worlds in live in now, the internet one and the real one; it makes more sense now the term "SecondLife"; when I heard it the first time I though they were pulling my leg and ended up to be a site and I already have there a second identity called "mmvcentro Jewell". I would be nice to have a links place to get to the sites I have created directly from my blog.

This is like a diary, I like diaries... I have kept them for a long, long time. The difference here is that this is not private, so I have to be careful of what I write and check the spelling because I am publishing. Wow! I am publishing! I always wanted to write a book on my adventures, this can end like the outline of a chapter of the book. The spelling is not problem, I just found out, right this minute, that there is a spelling checker (is it the right term?) built inside this template. I would have love to have one of this when I was writing my MSc. Thesis. Funny, the spelling checker does not recognize MSc., let's see if it recognizes PhD. Wow! PhD is more well known than MSc. I wonder if I can add words to the spelling checker?.... I will ask and find out, thats reassuring... in real life sometimes there is no one to ask with the certainty that your question will be answered. I also need a place to post my questions.

Ups!!! The music stopped... I would like to have my favorite songs being played while I am in my blog outside my house, could that be done?

Now... What have I found out about the tools I am learning???...
1.- I found out that Mozilla is a navegator like EI, that works better with java. Though... at Evoca it may be better to use IE. It's confusing. Is this last assumption right?
That Elluminate is a powerfull EFL/ESL environment, like a Three Ring Circus. Where you have to focus the attention of your students to listening, reading or handling the witheboard.
For students it is great! I had tons of fun participating, as voice moderator I had to describe what I saw happening in the whitheboard... while doing it I was speaking in my normal tone of voice, I was not concerned with my pronunciation so what others heard it is how I speak English in a friendly environment. I would like to go back and listen to myself to observe me and see my opportunity areas in pronunciation, I learned English as Second Language in 1986 and have not been back to England again... a hard test for my teachers! I will be able to evaluate my pronunciation abilities... exciting!!!
3.- That I have to know more about HTLM code to post my pages where I want. José Antonio Da Silva provided a path to follow that I have not tyed out yet. I would like to have a place here to post the hints given to me.
4.- That in order to access this page I have to login first to Blogger and then login to my page.
The instructions given to enter were confusing for me. It says "enter with your google account" but if I type "mmvcentro@google.com" I cannot do it. In order to have a blog page at blogger you have to get a google e-mail address so I thought that was my google account but I know now that what they want as google account is my e-mail address "mmvcentro@yahoo.com"
5.- That I need a sound board, or whatever is named, to place into my PC. My recording at Motime has a background sound. My husband and I did many trials before recording, I guess that's why my voice sounds as if I am reading but I was tired of doing the recording. We recorded without mic and the sound was still there, so the headphones are fine, the sound comes from inside the PC. I would like to ask Jonathan to suggest me a sound board, I know that during Elluminate session he had advanced controls and could moderate the voice of the participants but when I use Skype with peers neither of us has the knowledge, ability neither gadgets to do so. It must be annoying to listen to me. I will check that background sound at the recording of the session.