Saturday, March 01, 2008

Surfing 21Classes

I have been exploring 21Classes to see if I can use it as a blog site for BaeL
Ronaldo's tutorial is very useful, thanks Ronaldo!.
I tried to embed the tutorial there but somehow the link icon appears broken and I have not found out how to get around it. Besides, I could not log in into Jose Antonio's weblog because there was a "proxy error". He could not get in either but he could see my portal there. Mystery!

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His site is also enriching!!! His students are doing great, it is amazing the quality of work and the English level they handle. I spent a whole morning visiting them and found a Pink Panther video for pronunciation.

Two of his students came up with this interesting videos. Enjoy!

This one seems to have been taken in Mexico City. Some shots at Tlatelolco and another at Viaducto, those are the ones I believe I recognize. I will ask some "Defeños" to make sure and keep you posted". I have asked, it seems to be Mexico City but no one could be sure a 100%.