Tuesday, February 19, 2008

YouTube. Did it work?

YouTube page shows error on the page!

From week 3 I have been struggling with sound, for a week and a half I have been having nightmares with voice and video, specially with YouTube.

Here it goes. My parent's only grandson whose Baptism is next Saturday in San Luis Potosí.

It did!!!
It worked!!!
Clap, clap, clap...
No emoticons here, snif!

Well, this was cheating because the video was sent by my brother.
Let's see how I do transforming my pictures into videos.

Yesterday I could not play the video, it said that it was disabled. Veronica and Yessica could not watch it either. I thought that it was because I selected it as private but it seems that something was done to the platform. Ronaldo also found problems with his SplashCast posted at blogger. It seems that this site is not reliable, Jose Antonio mentions that the owners sometimes change settings to the platform and as a result our pages don't work or look messy.

I will try to find out why sometimes YouTube works at Blogger while sometimes it doesn't. I have not tested their support system yet.

YouTube. My terror! Voice and Image!!

I will place here the tutorial I found to use YouTube to upload videos