Saturday, February 09, 2008


Thanks to Sharon Betts I am at TGL now.

I uploaded my photos and made a slideshow, I love Mexico and in here are displayed some of the Mexican Handcrafts I enjoy the most. The painted clay Sun shown on the badge picture was made and painted by my mother. She came for two months to Metepec, Toluca, where the most famous clay artists are found. My friends from the Scouts helped me to give her a Serenade this year to celebrate her 75th birthday!

I hope you like it, here it is:

Find more photos like this on TLGplace

Surfing Feed Burner

What does it mean “burn my post feed”? How can I burn it? It sounds like trouble! I need to find out how to avoid getting into it.

Well, I did get into trouble. To have the widget I spent 4 hours clicking here and there. I finally got it!!

I placed a link at the sidebar with a tutorial to learn how to burn a feed using FeedBurner, it is called FeedBurner demo. It will be useful to remember how to do it and it may be useful to somebody else who wants to burn feeds.