Saturday, February 09, 2008


Thanks to Sharon Betts I am at TGL now.

I uploaded my photos and made a slideshow, I love Mexico and in here are displayed some of the Mexican Handcrafts I enjoy the most. The painted clay Sun shown on the badge picture was made and painted by my mother. She came for two months to Metepec, Toluca, where the most famous clay artists are found. My friends from the Scouts helped me to give her a Serenade this year to celebrate her 75th birthday!

I hope you like it, here it is:

Find more photos like this on TLGplace


Sally said...

Dear Maru,

I enjoyed your slide show! The sun made by your mother is truly beautiful.

I too love Mexican crafts, food, dance, and above all the people. Thank you for sharing your slides!


Maru said...

Thanks Sharon!

I am glad you enjoyed the slides, I will tell my mum you liked her Clay sun, she will be thrilled!!

Thanks for taking the time to visit. What can I say... I also love Mexico! ;-)

Teresa said...

Dear Maru,
What a beautiful slide show and what lovely and colorful work! I love them all, but the sun your mother made is fabulous. :-)
Hugs, Teresa

Dennis said...

Hola, Maru.

I've impressed with your blog! You've provided a good running summary of your thoughts for developing it and then started adding features as you've learned the "tricks" for adding different kinds of elements.

This post (February 9th) is amazingly different from the earlier ones. It's become much different in appearance: more engaging and colorful and, as such, more interesting for those who read it and more reflective of your unique individual personality.

I particularly liked the slides showing examples of Mexican handicrafts. Interestingly enough, I was surfing a number of websites showing Mexican handicrafts earlier today!

I liked your mother's clay sun very much! Other Mexican handicrafts that I like are the Guerrero bark paintings and lacquerware, beaded Huichol masks and figures, alebrijes, and Talavera tiles and dishes.

You've made remarkable progress in setting up your blog. I can't wait to see the next post and I also can't wait to see your educational blogs!

By the way, I don't know how you've managed all of the projects and challenges that have been part of your life for the past year! I know one thing for sure, though: "Tia Cometa" is a perfect name for you!

Muchos abraços y felicidades—

Dennis in Phoenix

Nina Liakos said...

What a beautiful and colorful slideshow! Thanks for sharing.

Maru said...

Hi Nina!

Thanks for your visit, it is nice to see you here.