Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Working away from my desk


I had written up to point 5 of my last entrance and the power went off!
I was sad because I thought "Everything I typed is lost!"
Now... I have to re-type! And remember to save, save, save

Yesterday I logged in in a cyber, I wanted to be at the conference in DiscoverE.
As I had learned that for live events timing is critical I went there 45 minutes in advance. It is a place I know well, I like the owners and the attendant. I know they do not have mics so I though that I would just have to adjust the audio, install the program and presto! Wrong assumption!
I logged in to our BaW07 Wiki Page to follow Moira's links and get there, but the page could not be displayed! So I went to another computer with same results, then I clicked all the links that Moira points out and none of those pages could be opened.
So I decided to open Yahoo Messenger to let them know I was not going to make it. As I opened my Yahoo Mail just for Webheads, I had never opened my account in another computer. Time was running short so I hurriedly opened the program... Storm!
The program started to send messages to all my contacts to allow me to be part of their list and started opening windows for me to accept my contacts. I clicked yes to all the windows without even looking who I was accepting in my list and hoping that everyone was a Baw07 participant.
I waited for the program to finish and contacted the group to let them know I was not going to join. Retyping now I do not remember who sent told the group, I will check the recording.
The rest is history.

What did I learn?
That I must remember to save.
That not every computer can have access to the sites we are working.
That I need to learn to customize my Yahoo Messenger list.
That I need to learn more about Yahoo features to feel comfortable using it.
That I am a color person and that from the color of the words I sort things. Examples:
Green = sites visited
Blue = item to be placed at side bar