Saturday, February 02, 2008

Things to do at Blogger

• Keep this blog to write down my thoughts and findings.

• Find out how to place the clock, text and chat voice at the sides so that they permanently show on screen. See if is possible to change the layout on this blog.
I opened this one in Spanish and last year could not change it to English, lets try again.

• Visit Hala’s blog. She used the same template but somehow I remember that hers looked more attractive.

• Remember how to place e-tools here (clock, chat and voice)

• If I select blogger-which most of the Webheads suggest as best for beginers- Start another blog called “Aunt Cometa’s Computer Course” or "Becoming an e-Learner Course (BaeL Course) Should it be in Spanish? If the final target is to teach them English, maybe to make the visual tutorials in English is a good idea.

• Choose an atractive template for the group; be careful. It has to allow you to set fixed items at the sides,look very appealling to teenagers.

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