Sunday, February 03, 2008

Surfing Blogger

I spent the whole morning and early afternoon at Blogger, to try to improve the image of my first blogg. I think I just solved the language issue!
I took screen photos to make the visual aids for BaeL Course.

I came across with new names, computer jargon, that I do not understand. I need to find out about Enclosure Links,Post Template and Backlinks

I would also like to know what blogg feeds are more convenient or pleasant for the viewer. Full feed that displays the whole post vs Short feed which syndicates the first paragraph. Syndicate is a new word for me.

If you have burned your post feed with FeedBurner, or used another service to process your feed, enter the full feed URL here. Blogger will redirect all post feed traffic to this address.

What does it mean “burn my post feed”? How can I burn it? It sounds like trouble! I need to find out how to avoid getting into it.

Wow! I have blogger email address to post text and images up to 10MB in size! Images are posted directly to my blog? Where can I get them back to use? I need to find out how to use this feature, I think I am going to like it!

Well, it seems that I can have more than one author authorized to post into my blogg, that’s nice! It allows collaborative work. I see now, my mind just opened to new ideas!

The Edit HTML feature seems too advanced for me right now. It is reassuring to see that you can save a copy of it! I had better not change a thing today!!! I am tired.

Ups! The Choose template feature did not help, all those templates look boring. I will visit Hala’s blog –if I find it among the mess I made with my Delicious account last year! I saw an attractive template yesterday, it was pink, I have to dive into my notes to find who is the owner and ask permission to use it and find out how can I import a template, if such thing can be done!!

I have clicked all the tabs I found and took screen shots. I hope I can make sense off all those pictures! I feel so tired that more that once I tried to click and I was inside the picture I had just taken!! Good grief!

I enjoyed Blogger, lets see how it goes with that template and the task of uploading pictures and tools. I miss the colors I added to my first posts, I will have to revisit them and remember how to put more color here.

He,he... I could not leave this colourless. The HTML code for red is:
(<)span style="color: rgb(204, 0, 0); font-weight: bold;"> place the word here (<)/span>
Was I so nuts as to be placing HTLM code just to have color!? I remember there was a color pallet last year, It took me an hour to add color here!
I recognize that I am a color fan put not to this lenghts. Bye color pallet, it is a pity because color really helps me to sort things out but I am not willing to spend anothe hour to place more colors.
:-( snif, snif

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