Sunday, February 03, 2008

Answer to Sharon's invitation

Dear Sharon:

Thanks for your invitation! I would love to join your group.
Certainly my future students will benefit, I need to find out which is their English level first. I am planning to start the course in June; if I learn faster then I could start sooner. Would that be alright for you? How long does your course last?

I may be getting myself into something too big to handle but I really want to learn how to teach with e-tools, being in touch with you will allow me to see an e-teacher at work, thanks for the opportunity, I feel honored.
It will have to be mainly an online course, to get the local bunch together is not easy; on working days our gatherings are at 9:00 PM which leads to complaints from their parents because they do not want to leave my house at 10:00 PM and the neighborhood is not safe for them to walk home. The other available day is Sunday afternoons, if their parents do not get them away to visit relatives.

I am thinking about several names for the course, the first that came up was Aunt Comet's Course, my nephews and nieces call me Comet because they seldom see me and when I go to San Luis I get them in a swirl of temporary activities with us. Then came Becoming an e-Learner (BaeL) which sounds great but scary to me.

I do not know how Wikispaces work so I was thinking about PBwiki, I will explore Wikispaces to have a look. I need to place in a wiki a survey to see which are their abilities with the computer, the chat they use is hotmail because they like all the moving gadgets. I will have to start by introducing them to YH mail and chat, and to Skype; both programs run without graphic cards.

I was thinking about blogger to set a course blogg to show their progress. I still need to learn more about blogger myself to teach them in turn to open theirs. I want the blogg to have a clock, voice tool and chat tool set in a fixed way at the sides of the page, let me find out how to do that.

Some cybers around here have mics, I need to go to the ones they visit to assess them. Do you know which voice tool works without a graphic card? Yakpak comes with PBwiki but I have not tried it in a limited PC. Skype and Yahoo voice work fine.

Love: Maru


Sharon said...

I have sent you a direct invitation to our network. Please consider having your students join even if they have very limited English. That is not a problem - they can work on their individual pages and begin to share experiences.
Taking Learning Global

Maru said...

Hi Sharon!

Thanks! I will tell my future students, I am sure they will enjoy talking with your group.

I already signed in. The place looks great! It has the 3 columns I was looking for!!!

I have a second blogg now, wonderful!! Another task of teh class completed and I did not realize what I was doing!!
You are indeed my shining star, mil gracias. Besos