Friday, February 01, 2008

Baw08! Where were you?

A year has gone by. In this post I will review why I let that happen.
The main reason is that I do not have students to practice. There was a project to create a new High School in Toluca which did not come to be although the idea of the investors is still around. They called me again last December to asking me to have my original papers ready to go to the Board of Education to subscribe them to get all the permits. It was going to be an excellent opportunity to use e-tools, the position that they offer me is as Headmaster; I would have a say in almost every aspect, from the teachers recruited, approval of curricula and most importantly –from the e-learning point of view- to the set op of the Computer Lab.
In second place comes the fact that my husband opened a new business, we started a video rental store, and at the same time we started the construction of three spaces to rent. It was a mess! In one site I had to deal with the purchase of construction materials, welders, masons, etc. because he was at work. At the video rental store I had to get the business going, select and train clerks, etc. Of course, I kept running my privet practice!
In third place I was emotionally dried up due to legal and moral problems which led to a turmoil with my family in San Luis Potosí. There was a lot of traveling back and forth, it is only six hours away but that ate my weekends.
In sum, it was lack of motivation.
So this year I will have a blog to maintain through the year. I am thinking about my nephews , nieces and adopted ones. The latter live in the neighborhood or are my friend’s children. I think that I have to hook them into learning English though I will have to teach them to handle e-tools first, which means to set a computer course on first instance. I will be motivated to learn, prepare materials, set the blog, wiki, YH group,etc.

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