Friday, November 28, 2008

This is just the start of Connectivism

Today was the last Friday of our CCK08 course, I went to the live session at Ustream to find a link to an Elluminate session where people were gathered.  For the first time I had something interesting to share with voice.  What is it?

Smak posted in the chat: "@Stephen, George and others: Like to learn from you how decisions (say to connect and interact) are made". (Dec 1sr edit:John or Smak came by to let me know that Smak is his ID at Elluminate, thanks John!).p>

His question got me thinking because I belong, as far as I know, to the only group formed to make the final project. The team had set earlier an Elluminate session using the Webheads vRoom to decide what to add, change, agree on, etc. We are four members: Dolores from Spain, Carlos in Germany, Viplav in India and me from Mexico.  Only Carlos and I managed to get there.  It was very interesting  to watch our struggles to get to decisions in a connective way, we had lots of fun!  We are so diverse that it was not an easy task. I kept Smak question in mind and when Dave asked for speakers I raised my hand and at the appropriate time I got the mic, voiced his question and told them about our reaching decisions adventure.

Here are some of the questions  and comments posted in the chat:

  • smak: I think this is the most important question in connectivism
  • Wendy Drexler: Does decision making equal control?
  • Lisa M Lane: and yet, decisions must be made
  • ctscho: Decisions are local, perhaps?
  • smak: @George: How about learning decision, individually, the network
  • Wendy Drexler: With all of this connectivist content created as a result of this course, I'm already thinking about how I can organize it...bring it all together.
  • Me: To have groups at the end is a very interesting journey, thanks!
  • Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers: What is consensus versus honing in on a focused point
  • Lisa M Lane: see, I knew it would come back to individualism (I didn't create any of the wikis I was promoting. LOL)
  • Me:@ Viplav you're here too!  How have you find our decision making process?
  • ViplavBaxi: @Maru: I think along the lines Stephen is talking right now
    - in a very individual manner, yet connected and evolving
  • ViplavBaxi: @Jo: many other factors also enable - eg. common language, protocol
  • Stian: @ViplavBaxi: Good point, would be very interested in exploring the role of language further.
  • Stephen Downes: The way we create mechanisms to connect ... matters.
  • Stephen Downes:  deaf networks, that all the nodes become the same (audio comment)
  • Moderator (George Siemens): @maru - connectivism or cck08 attributes from the stance of the education field (To continue tagging)

This is just the start!  I would like to know about the research that surely will be conducted, keep me posted!  LOL No one will post me, RSS will! 

Playing with  SplashCast to create a demo and a collaborative site for the team to work independently but collaboratively,  I came up with this slide show.  I hope you have as much fun as I had while creating it!  (Only the first slide is in Spanish)

Wendy's exquisite video came to the table.  Enjoy!

This video came to put in place more pieces of the puzzle.  I've been thinking for a while that I need to define my needs and focus to get them covered.  Obviously I don't have the right connections or I'm looking in the wrong directions or I'm not looking at all.  I know about events serendipitously and many times I don't join the adventures I would like to participate in because I learn about them too late. So I need to observe myself, think and find out what I'm doing wrong.  Else, I go to Hubs where owners start sending daily emails advertising things, pissing me off with "sales", "unique opportunities to make money" and stuff just like in FaceBook. 

If they knew! LOL  Money is not Money, money come for it my engine at the moment... has it been in any given period of my life? Yes, when I was homeless in Manchester while writing my Master thesis; my solution was to get a bicycle to save the bus fare for lunch, spend the night at the Maths building punching cards to get the SSPSx program running on ROSCOW and to sleep during the day in parks or in the living room of a charitable friend for a few days.

I'm looking for collaborators for my on my BaeL crusade, people that gets no harm speaking and writing in Spanish, bilingual people interested on Digital Literacy and web 2.0 tools but... what do I have to offer in return?  Well... learners of Spanish, English, Basic Microsoft programs, e-tools and... plenty of data to do research.  Ning provides plenty of data, that I don't know how to obtain yet but it's there for the taking. Yahoo Groups also provides data but not in the same handy way.  I want to learn how to take advantage of the stats feature in Ning, the doors at Manchester University are open for me and a PhD sounds attractive but... that will take time.

Several "connections" have questioned the way I see my computer literacy or my illiteracies.  They interpret that as lack of self esteem but I see that as a reality.  I don't have a natural inclination to electronic devices or cables or plugs or computer tools; I'm clumsy, I take hours to do what Stephen suggest to do in ten minutes.  It's the same with cooking, I'm not a natural chef; I spend hours cooking what my sister cooks in half an hour.  In both areas I'm satisfied with my end products, the sites work, the tools do what they're supposed to do and the food tastes quite nice.  Sometimes I receive compliments from both areas.  The difference lies in that I have F.U.N. with  the computer and I hate the kitchen.  I rather spend my time having F.U.N.!

After Elluminate I went to 28-nov-08 weekly SLexperiments meeting_004 my SLexperiments weekly meeting, were I felt like in the Chilbo SL Cohort.  SL continues to behave very badly, voice was down and we had to text chat... what a waste!  Besides, I'm tired, very very tired of typing.  You'll find the summary here.

(Btw: I don't know who Smak and Stian are. If someone knows their blogs, please share them to add the proper links here.  Thanks).


Carlos said...

Thank you for your post Aramis!

Very interesting... And now I want to know more about your time in Manchester...

Un nodo para todos y todos los nodos para uno.

Hasta luego

Sui Fai John Mak said...

Hi Maru,
Smak is Sui Fai John Mak. I am also the most talkative one in the Moodle. You could see me in nearly every weeks session. I am a Teacher of Logistics.
I have left you with a number of responses, including the one which praised you when you received results from George, but wasn't satisfied with George's feedback. In that you said you haven't answered the question well in your first paper, so why it was an A in grading. My response was that your attitude - passion in learning that made the difference.
I also left you with some resources on personal development - on the emotional and social intelligence. And the one that invited you to consider joining a new initiative.
First, you can visit my blog, and I have a genuine photo there taken at the start the 2nd week of the course, so it was me in the intro. of the the blog. I have also joined the blog, where you have invited me as Friend. Many thanks.
I have watched your video produced. You have a lovely voice and it was done in a professional manner. Congratulations.
I have met a number of "friends" in this network, with Jenny, you and Keith all connected in the blogs. Sorry for such a long response, but I am glad that you still keep your passion in these connections.
You are again invited to visit my blog and I would plan to connect most of others via Elluminate, Adobe Connect or others. We could even use Video Cam to do so. I have used MSN with Video Cam to connect, and chat and the result was very good. So, if any others that you know are also interested, I could start organising that.
or my
Any correspondence could also be made using work email, but it's better to start with the blog or public email.
What do you think?
BTW, I have included a few posts on identity and my Final paper, hope you may have a laugh at it. LOL