Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nancy at Learning Trends and Innovations 2008

Learn Trends Digital Habitats

From: Nancy White.

Nancy is one of the Jewells I found in CCK08. She shared this slide show with us this at her Learning Trends Elluminate session. I find it inspiring to say the least.

The slides I'm using in a webgathering on November 19th at the online LearnTrends 2008

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Heli said...

Hi Maru,

You have a beautiful blog and I feel myself welcome here. I also loved the slides you gave us today, thanks for sharing. There was more than in our CCK08 Elluminate session.. I love pictures, they often tell more than writings!

suifaijohnmak said...

Hi Maru,
That's a wonderful slide show on the beauty of community of practice. That is closely related to connectivism. A great move to contribute to the community.
If you are interested in the leading of a powerful life, Stephen R. Covey would be a good read. He mentions about Conscience (modeling), surrounded by Vision (pathfinding), Passion (empowering), and Discipline (aligning)- the four roles of leadership. I found the pathfinding and modeling concept quite similar to Stephen's learning model.
I have interest in Stephen Covey's 7th and 8th habits for years.
I also found the books on emotional intelligence and Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman very good read. To me, those concepts on the human relationship leverage the effects arising from connections in connectivism. Other further interesting theories include: Self-Determination Theory
It highlights the focus on professional development by creating an environment that facilitates intrinsic motivation.
I hope you will find the above resources useful.
It's near the end of the course, but I still need more time to summarise what I have learnt. As I am not looking for publication in the Daily, so you may find my posts always in tangent to the topics.
Congratulations on your great efforts, and it has been my honour to have a group of younger ones to share in this learning journey.
See you.