Saturday, February 20, 2010

A mexican present for BaW10

Dear Bawers,

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

I decided to make Sue Annan’s recipe as a present for all of you. It was fun!

The picture on the left shows how my kitchen table looked after I finished making the dough for the Jersey Wonders, not too bad!
I waited the two hours indicated by the recipe.

Well, after I fried them, I left them in a tray at the dining table.
While I cleaned the kitchen, persuaded a native to leave his pencil holder job to act as present deliverer and placed the most beautiful flower I found in his front tray, something unexpected happened...

To my surprise, when I finally went to the dining room to arrange the table to take a picture... there were just a few wonders left!

Either it took me a long time to gather the elements to frame the present or my husband loves eating like Attilio does. LOL!

Enjoy it!!

Isn't the indian lovely?


Larissa Olesova said...

It looks great, Maru! I should make it too, Larissa

Unknown said...

Your wonders look fantastic
Well done. And now you have the recipe to test them out on people in the future.

Hala Fawzi said...

Hi partner,
I LOVE it. So baw is not only for learning about technology in ELT, but also about international recipes:-)
Tight hugs,

Berta said...

They look delicious, dear Maru. What a wonderful present for BaW2010 participants. You are such a great Webhead and friend.
Love, Berta

dekaru said...

wow, looks really yummy !! keep writing !