Monday, July 06, 2020

El aprendizaje ubicuo: una nueva forma de aprender

Here am I with my  recent production.  It is a virtual learning object, called OVA on CRESUR lingo, created using Genially App
Its purpose is to show evidence of my module one learning wich was hindered by my tendency to get lost in places.  Clasroom is no different.  I keep thinking about how I miss a wiki to guide me to where I go.
 Without further introduction...

It was FUN

PS. It seems that what I learned in 2008 as Connectivism it is called u-learning now.  Same cat with a nice coat of paint for my liking, more facilities to reach students with tablets, cell phones and laps running around everyone though.  

Friday, June 12, 2020

Webhead's ripples of water

Hi everyone!

Here I go again, immersed as student in an online diploma course for credit called Ecology of e-learning: innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the digital ageThis time I am learning with CRESUR (Centro Regional de Formación Docente e Investigación Educativa)
I am proud to say that CRESUR is a Mexican Regional Center focused on teaching educators and conducting educational research located at Copalar, Chiapas State at the south of my beloved country.
One of my teachers on this great adventure is Luis Antonio Dominguez Coutiño who kindly created a tutorial for us to join Google Classroom.

YES, you read correctly.  One of my 2020 dreams has come true, I am a Clasroom user and I’ve got a dot edu account!  I cannot believe it!  I am so excited.  As a freelancer I thought I would never get such privileges.

Now the juicy part. 
When I saw CarlaArena’s GSuite presentation given at our Webheads revival Zoom meeting hosted by Vance Stevens I fell in love with the project.  If you want to see an example of educators reaching out to help the world, Carla's presentation is a MUST.  Webheads in Action seed is blooming around the world.  
It came as a wonderful surprise to find out Mexican Ministry of Education adopted Carla Arena's  SIMPLIFICA GSuite proyect as the New Mexican Online Education System to teach and learn during this year's COVID 19 pandemic.  Mexican kids are learnig with a Webhead's flavor.

You can watch the Mexican National presentation of the project here
On June 2nd. I happened to come across a webinar presented to State of Mexico Educators Community to evaluate realities and challenges faced by Latin  American Educators. 

Before jumping to do a credit diploma course I finished sucessfully, on current institution,  a 30 hours course called 'Formación de Formadores en Educación a Distancia', a 40 hours mini MOOC course on 'Educational Inclusion and Digital Era' and attended 'First Iberoamerican Forum on Technology and Distant Learning'.  Not a bad comeback to my eyes after Stephen Downes first MOOC ever on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge#CCk08
See you around!  Besitos.