Saturday, May 23, 2009

BaeL at Webheads in Action Convergence 2009

After months I'm back in this blog. I had to embed my first public presentation here!

Electronic Village Online sessions went very well indeed, it was a fabulous experience to be a moderator of BaW09 and Enhancing Lessons. Both moderator teams rock!
I was kept away mainly due to PC troubles.
Unfortunatelly, most of the files and pictures I created during my moderating experience were lost or are still misplaced.

Beware if you have Windows Live OneCare, it clashes with Internet Explorer and the backups created by OneCare end up as a troublesome and painful task. Endless hours to recover the files.

In this WIAOC09 presentation I talk about how BaeL project started, which venues and tools were used and the resuts I got. The online course started the 24Th of March 2008 and ended with 43 participants the 24Th of April 2008. Now we have 81 participants and the weekly sessions we currently have are called BaeLMods09 Training.
What made my presentation rich were the contributions of those great educators that joined me there. Of course, I couldn't have done this without the extraordinary support and guidance of Moira, it's an honor for me to have her as mentor.

Moderator: Moira Hunter
Participants: Gonzalo, Mary, Mbarek, Dennis, Vero... (collage of pictures coming soon)

I hope you enjoy watching it.

This recording is hosted at Webheads Video Clips
Creating Bridges: a report on an online experience to overcome Digital Divide.
Presenter: Maru del Campo
Recorded live on Ustream 05/23/2009 03:56 pm PST

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