Sunday, September 07, 2008

After last night's crash came Google Chrome Beta

This post is a record my first impressions with the new browser.
Well, yesterday I crashed my PC. I lost all my favorites! The explorer just left, thanks God, my account on the browser navegation bar.

Somehow a pop up window inviting me to test Google Chorome Beta came along and I was so shocked by what had happened that I decided to give it a try.
I knew that I would have to invest time to set any explorer back on track anyway.

Well, the instalation was fast and with no bumps, I was happy. I began to follow the tutorials to learn how to use it and to my delight I found out that they are very good. They even have video tutorials in Spanish that could be used as listening Spanish practice, it is a male voice, very clear and calmed but with Spanish accent. I could have enjoyed the videos more if they had a Mexican o South American accent. Perhaps I will use the videos for BaeL Spanish Group.

So my journey with Google Chrome was an enjoyable one until I started having difficulties. First of all, I changed the language to English just to find out that the next page I opened was again in Spanish. This was really annoying, it did not matter how many times I set the language to English... Spanish was back.
I usually do not mind the language, sometimes I do not even notice which of both languages is used by the program. I need to fix this.

In second place, as I should have foreseen but didn't, I came to my blog to find it also in Spanish!! This is really annoying because as I type the spell checker underlines every word with red. So, instead of enjoying the great spell checker that blogger has I find myself writting this post with no help to check the spelling. I hope you do not find many mistakes! I guess this has to do with my IP address but I am not sure.

On third place is the fact that I do not have the navegation menus I use. I do not have cut, paste, copy, print, etc at hand. I know a few shortcuts keys, like cut, paste and copy but no more! This is becoming a nightmare for me. I need to learn more shortcut keys!

I did not have in mind to write another post here but I am glad I logged in again before the CCK08 course starts. I see now that last night's crash will affect me more than I expected and will be more time consuming. Why? For example, now I would like to place a link to Google Chrome and I do not know yet how to go back to that page to get the link without closing this one. The pages are linked, I do not know yet how to detach them to have several windows opened as I am used to do with Explorer. If I do not find a solution soon I will revert to Explorer. Fortunatelly I wrote down the page address and I typed the link to the site. :-)

Let's see what other surprises I find today!

Well, I had a nice talk with Mbarek, he gave me useful links and helped me to install Dreamweaver. He also tried Chrome. At the end of the day I will unistall it, it is too much trouble, he already unistalled it. The good thing is that I learned how to install icons in my desktop to my most used sites though they may dissapear after I unistall.

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